May 20, 2008
SY Wong

Microsoft Tackles Linux with the Release of Lite-version of Windows XP OS for UMPC and MID Market

Microsoft is monopolizing the software market with a series of Windows OS (Operating System). Due to its high license subscription, some of the PC manufacturers have began to move to open source Linux to further bring down the total cost especially in UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) and MID (Mobile Internet Device) market places. In order to tackle the increasing market loss due to UMPC and MID popularity, Microsoft decides to launch a new program that introduces Windows XP OS at a cheaper rate, hoping to bring back some of the revenues from the mobile PC market.

Microsoft has distributed a confidential document to most of the PC makers which stated all the rules and regulations that must be compliance in order to enjoy the cost down version of Windows XP OS. Some of them include the limitation of screen size to 10.2-inch, hard drive space of below 80GB, RAM with less than 1GB, with processor running below 1GHz speed, as well as simple display (No touch screen) function. The intention is quite clear – Microsoft doesn’t want this program to cannibalize some of their mainstream’s customers especially those that are running in Windows Vista OS, while still able to fulfill the entry level requirements of UMPC markets such as the famous OLPC (One Laptop PC) XO laptop or Asus Eee PC.

Microsoft plans to impose PC board makers with only USD26 and USD32 per machine in both emerging and developing countries respectively. By having this incentive to PC makers, we should expect a great switching trend from existing open source OS back to Windows OS in which most of the consumers are familiar with.

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