Dec 11, 2008
SY Tan

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Incorporates SPLITVIEW COMMAND System

Mercedes Benz has again shown off its new technology by incorporating a new technology so called SPLITVIEW in its S-Class models starting in the summer of 2009. This SPLITVIEW system is a fantastic feature which allows both the driver and passenger to view two separate programs via the same COMAND screen. For instance, the front passenger can continue watching his favorite movie while the drive is monitoring the navigation directions on the same screen.

This SPLITVIEW system uses a special filter to mask the 8-inch screen so that the proper pixels will slip into view depending on seating position, either one image or the other can be seen. Mercedes Benz has designed in such a way only the driver has full access to the COMAND functions. The passenger needs to use a separate remote control to watch other program.

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