May 11, 2008
Tip and Trick Editorial

MediaMax Offers 25 GB Free Online Storage for Files, Music, Videos and Pictures

MediaMaxMediaMax is an online storage space service provider that gives users a whopping 25 GB of disk space for storage of videos, movies, music, songs, photos, pictures and any files. However, MediaMax, powered by Steamload is not as good as it looks, as unlike MediaFire, ADrive or MyBloop, it place strict limitations on the download bandwidth and the maximum file size.

MediaMax only allow user to download a maximum of 1GB per month from your account, regardless of who is downloading – uploader himself or herself and persons who he or she shares files with both count toward the limit. Beside, the maximum file size downloadable, and probably also the limit to upload to the server is 10 MB, small by today’s standard.

However, it doesn’t matter if you just want to upload MP3s, short video media clips or email attachments, which MediaMax has strong features in, or use it as backup space which doesn’t need frequent download. MediaMax can stream video and music, create video albums, photos albums or music playlists, and user can publish the creation to the web. Beside, if you upload photos and images, only web quality (compressed size) resolution of the pictures can be downloaded. User can only download the full resolution original graphics uploaded if they pay to upgrade to Premium, Elite or Professional account.

Otherwise, MediaMax has similar features with other online storage space providers, such as ability to upload individual file or in batch. As an added bonus, Windows customers can download MediaMax XL Beta, a small application that automatically uploads, downloads and synchronizes the contents of folders in computer’s hard drive to MediaMax account, good for backing up files.

Upload the files to MediaMax.

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