Apr 27, 2008
SY Tan

Measure How Many Calories Have Been Burned with Seiko SlimStick

You wake up in the morning, go to the office, do some routine work, meet your clients, and then go home at night. Have you ever wondered how many calories you have actually burned over the course of the day through you daily activities? How many calories have you used while you climb up stairs to your workplace or how much fat have you burned when you move around chit chatting with your colleagues? Well, with Seiko’s SlimStick, you can measure the calories actually burned over the day. Seiko’s SlimStick is a creative fitness device which can record the fat or calories you have burned, the amount of your active time, the number of steps you have actually walked and also the overall exercise quality score.

Weighing 15 grams and measuring 2.0 x 6.4 x 0.89cm in size, this tiny device looks a bit like a pen drive. It features a modern dual-axis accelerometer to track the magnitude of your movements. You can just insert it in your pocket or clip it onto you clothes. It will monitor and track your activity level and store data up to twelve weeks for your analysis purpose. It is an ideal gift for the fitness buff or health conscious, but equally useful for the ordinary workaholic who hardly get any strenuous exercise.

This modern device is only available in Japan for approximately ¥5,775 to ¥6,984 ($55 to $67). There are three different colours available, ice silver, classic pink and solid gold. With this SlimStick, you can keep track of your activity level and analyze whether you should go for a more intensive gym or sport. However, the disadvantage of this SlimStick is it can’t measure how many calories you have burned when you are having sex. Well, you wouldn’t know where to clip it.

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