Oct 21, 2012
TnT Editor

ITA Software’s Matrix with Discounted Fares For First-Class or Business-Class Tickets

Have you like to fly to foreign countries, visit fascinating and exotic locations, take romantic getaways, and have more exciting family vacations? And ever wanted to fly first class or business class but with lower coach price? With ITA Software’s Matrix, it allows users to get the certain seats with coach price that upgrade automatically.

Matrix, as its name implied, is the Google-owned software that powers the most popular travel search engines and travel agents tools. Matrix is the underlying script/code behind many major travel sites including Kayak, Orbitz, and Bing.

With Matrix, it can show users the discounted fares, different routing options, multiple airports, and different time frames at once. In addition, it also can searches all the airline data for the best flights available and allows users to view a standard comparison of airline fares.

Here’s how to get discounted fares from coach to first class or business class:

  1. Choose “Business class or higher” in the cabin search box.
  2. The Y-Up fares are rolled into the search results.
    Note: Sometimes K-Up or Q-Up
  3. Results are showing the seats as first class or business class.

Unfortunately, users have to call the airline or book with a travel agent directly, rather than use the advanced routing codes or book fares on the Matrix site. Anyhow, Matrix will provide users the fare codes to give to the travel agent.

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