May 11, 2008
Nic Cho

iRex Launches New iLiad Book Edition

The Dutch pioneer in the development of electronic paper, iRex Technologies has announced the launch of the lower priced and simplified version of its successful iLiad E-book reader, named as iLiad Book Edition, featuring 8.1-inch (768 x 1024 pixels resolution; 160 DPI) electronic paper display allowing for close to 180° viewing angle, 64MB RAM, built-in stereo speakers, wacom-based touch input and 400MHz Xscale processor.

According to the company, “The iLiad Book Edition is not equipped with a built-in WiFi module for downloading the latest news, but otherwise has the same features as the original iLiad. The Book Edition, which will cost €499, comes pre-loaded with 50 books. With plenty of internal memory that can be extended up to 8 gigabytes, it is no longer necessary to choose which book to take: the iLiad Book Edition can fit an entire library in a pocket.”

“We see a lot of potential offering digital books alongside newspapers. It fits with the image of the digital era,” said Hans Brons, CEO of iRex Technologies. “We have shown what this technology can do for the newspaper market and we expect to do the same with the book market.”

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