Mar 23, 2009

Inside iPod Shuffle

Not getting enough of the latest iPod Shuffle by Apple? Let’s slice this ‘little apple’ and take a really close look inside. The 10.7grams iPod Shuffle contains a single integrated circuit (IC), a battery and some user interface components.


Only a single tiny screw is used to lock all these components together. And surprisingly, there is also just one connector that attaches the logic board and battery to the rest of the iPod.


Like all other previous Shuffles, the battery (which in this case, can last up to 10 hours of playtime) is soldered to the logic board too.


As for the one and only microchip, it is made-up of a multi-layered stack comprising the CPU, RAM and 4GB of flash memory capable of holding 1000 songs for your enjoyment.



Tips – make sure your hands are dry before cutting this ‘apple’ and don’t lose the tiny screw.

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