May 23, 2008
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HP Smart Web Printing Free Download to Print Multiple Selected Parts of Different Webpages

HP Smart Web Printing application is an printer helper add-on or plug-in for Internet Explorer and Firefox web browser that allows user to select, collect, store, combine and print the selected text and graphical contents or areas discarding the unwanted sections from different web pages from multiple websites. Think it as SnagIt screen capture utility when set to directly print the captured area, but with more customizable twist and turn features added.

With HP Smart Web Printer installed, user can take control of web search findings by easily selecting text and graphics from multiple websites and then combining selected areas or portions from numerous web pages onto one page. Then a single page can be printed onto paper in printer, avoiding error of cutting off the sides of web page content and saving paper from been wasted where one or two extra sparse lines especially such as footer with useless text been printed on an additional or second paper.

User can also edit the text and graphics that has been selected or capture, and even resize and delete them without having to open Microsoft Office Word or other document editor. Then user can preview and print exactly what he or she sees on screen, or save the custom document as an Adobe PDF file. If your custom document created is still too big to fit into a piece of paper, HP Smart Web Printing automatically scales web page output to fit the width of paper size (right-edge clipping) to ensure that the print copy contains all the information been seen onscreen, with text and images remain intact.

HP Smart Web Printer can be used to supplement Snipping Tool, a screen capture utility comes built-in with Windows XP Tablet PC edition and Windows Vista with Tablet PC Optional Components installed. Snipping Tool cannot send a screenshot directly to printer, while HP Smart Web Printer provides direct printing function on Firefox and IE web browser, and more.

Download HP Smart Web Printer setup installer: HP_Smart_Web_Printing4.0.exe

HP Smart Web Printer supports 32-bit Windows XP and Windows Vista, and requires Internet Explorer version 6.0, 6.0 SP1 and 7.0, or Mozilla Firefox version 2.0.0x. There is a screencast instruction and usage guide on the HP website too.

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