Oct 7, 2015
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How To Transfer Mobile Device’s files to Windows 10 PC or Mac without USB Cable

Have you ever felt frustrated when you want transfer some files from mobile device to PC but you didn’t have USB cable on hand? At here, we brings you an app called “AirMore” to helps you solve your problem. AirMore is a cross-platform app to access the mobile device wirelessly on web and able to transfer Android or iOS device files to PC with the easiest way. It is a FREE app that can help you to access and organize your mobile device data from PC.

How To Transfer Mobile Device’s files to Windows 10 PC or Mac Without USB Cable

Key features of AirMore:

  • Connect mobile device to PC wirelessly including Windows and Mac systems.
  • Allows users to transfer all the files on mobile device to PC easily and well organize it.
  • Easily manage Music, Videos, Photos, Apps and document on web.
  • Able to preview pictures in slide show form, listen to music instantly and watch videos in larger screen without downloading files.


  • No need USB cable to process
  • No installation on your PC
  • Support Windows, Mac and Web
  • Compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari

Other Functions:

  • Display call history of your phone on web browser and allows you to focus on PC without missing any incoming calls.
  • Able to send, forward and delete messages with simple clicks.
  • Security Assurance. AirMore supports HTTPS which is similar to Dropbox and Facebook when transferring your file in a secure way.

For interest users who intend to try this awesome tool just follow the few simple steps below:

  1. Install AirMore from Google Play Store or App Store on mobile device.
    (Note: mobile device and PC should connect to same WiFi network)
  2. On PC, open the browser and go to address “airmore.net
  3. A QR code will display on the browser
  4. Next, open AirMore app on mobile device and then tab “Scan to connect” button.
  5. Once successful connection, user should able to use it now and free to manage all mobile device data through PC.

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