Mar 6, 2013
TnT Editor

How to Sync Contacts Between Two Gmail Accounts or with Other Email Providers

Using multiple web mails are incredibly common for business and personal purpose as well. Probably you will want to sync contacts between two same accounts or from different provider for easy usage. However, the common problem you may face is too troublesome and time consuming to sync contacts from one account to another.

How to sync contacts between two Gmail or from other email providers to Gmail accounts

There are several third-party effort to develop a tool to sync contacts between web mails, most notably is a free tool called Soocial. With this useful free tool, switching from other email providers to Gmail or between two Gmail accounts is no longer a concern anymore. Soocial allows automatic synchronization all your contacts to your phones, emails and computers by flip any device on and start working with them to add, delete, or change the contacts.

Features of Soocial:

  • Light weight contact syncing
  • Address Book Synchronization
  • Automatic Contacts Backup
  • Share your address book
  • Manage & organize
  • Easily update contacts in Soocial online tool, or in the address book of the favorite device
  • Able to easily clean up the users contacts data with Soocial Contact Cleaner
  • Simple and quick reduplication of users contacts with Soocial Deduper

Soocial provides you the option to sync and manage up to 250 contacts and sync with 3 sync sources at no charge at all. And 30 days free trial for unlimited users’ contacts which cost$4.99 a month, so that you can have more time to test out and decide if Soocial is the right choice to subscribe.

Below are steps to show how to sync contacts between two Gmail or from other email providers to Gmail accounts:

  1. Go to Soocial official site and sign up for a Soocial account.


  2. Once finish, sign in to the Soocial account.
  3. In the Sources tab, add a new source by choose “Add a Source” and pick “Add Gmail”.
  4. Grant Soocial access to your Gmail contacts and choose “Merge Gmail with Soocial” when prompted.
    Note: It will take a few minutes to sync the contacts
  5. Once it is finishing sync all the contacts, repeat steps 3 with your other email providers account or second Gmail account.
  6. When the wizard is finished, sign in to your email account. You should find that everything’s been synced completely.

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