Sep 1, 2010
EK Lam

How to Share Favorite Websites Instantly with Google Toolbar

Nowadays, many websites are embedded with sharing features for easy sharing of users’ favorite websites with friends. But if you come across a website without this ability, then you need to cut and paste the link into an email. With the updated Google Toolbar (version 6.4 or newer), you can share your favorite websites instantly without going to the trouble of cutting and pasting the links.

Google Toolbar version 6.4 is featured with the Share button. The Share button allows users to share any webpage with its ‘Click and Select’ function. You can either share the webpage by using an email or a social networking provider. Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Check your Internet browser to see whether there is any Google Toolbar or not. If not, download the Google Toolbar and install it. It is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on the Share button at Google Toolbar if you want to share the particular webpage with your friends (Tip: If you can’t find the Share button in the Google Toolbar, just click on the wrench icon ~ Toolbar Options. The Share menu can be enabled in Toolbar Options).
  3. After clicking on he Share button, select your preferred sharing platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Blogger and etc. Add your note (optional) and send it to your friends.
  4. If you like your preferred sharing platform to appear on the Toolbar for easy access, you can add them by clicking on the Share button and selecting Setting (Tip: If the sharing platform is being used regularly, it will automatically appear on the Google Toolbar just right beside the Share button).

The Share button can be removed from the Toolbar by pointing the cursor to the Share button, right-clicking it and selecting the Hide button.

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