Mar 31, 2008
SY Tan

How to Monitor or Track Real Time Price Movement on Amazon Product?

Many users do trade in, an American based e-commerce company for various products. Unlike buying things from the market, buyers might have difficulties to make direct negotiation from sellers. So how to make sure you always strike a good deal for yourself? One of the efficient ways is to monitor the price movement of your selected products. To keep track or monitor the price movement physically is a tedious job. If you are using Firefox browser, why not considering a few useful plugins or extensions below that can undertake the task?

BuyLater is a Firefox extension which will add a “Buy This Later” button to Amazon webpage and set up a tracking for the products on the BuyLater website. Users need to download and install the Buy-Later extension and register their email address for price change notification alerts. Once it is done, users can go to Amazon webpage and shopping for their products. If they want to monitor these products, then just click the orange “Buy this Later” button. The first time users do this, they will get a confirmation email. Click the link in that email – it will bring them back here. After that, they’ll simply get a little “Alert” window, telling you that their “Item Watch” has been set.

Download BuyLater here or install direct here.

PriceDrop is another Firefox extension or plug-in that allows online shoppers to tract the product prices in Amazon webpage. This application functions quite similar to BuyLater. Once shoppers have installed and set up, users will be notified whenever the product prices are dropped.

The latest version of PriceDrop V1.05 was released on 15 March 2008. It is available for free download here, or install direct here.

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