Mar 29, 2008
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How to Get Free Support and Help from Microsoft for Installing Windows Vista SP1 Problems

Facing problems and errors while installing Windows Vista SP1? Well, help is on the way. Microsoft will provides free support and technical help for all problems and issues when installing Windows Vista SP1. The unlimited installation and compatibility support is available at no charge until March 18, 2009.

Normally, only customers who bought the retail product at higher price are eligible for free technical support and help from Microsoft. For the purpose of Windows Vista SP1 installation, all users of Windows Vista who wants to install the service pack and faces problems or errors, including users who get their copy of Windows Vista due to buying computer product from original equipment manufacturer (OEM), can get help directly from Microsoft.

The move to offer free support signifies the many errors that Windows Vista users face since the release of Windows Vista, and more recently, causing infinite and endless reboot loop on Windows Vista computer when attempts to roll out a pre-requisite update for Windows Vista SP1 via Windows Update. Not to mention more annoying application compatibility issue after upgrading to SP1.

More helps on Windows Vista SP1 can be found on Windows Vista Solution Center. All support requests on installing Windows Vista SP1 and its compatibility issues can be sent via email or online chat on Microsoft Help and Support site. E-mail support will be answered within response time of 24 hours, while individual online chat support, which only available from 5am to midnight Pacific Time on weekdays, and 6am to 6pm Pacific Time on weekends, has a waiting time of about 40 minutes.

For customers on Software Assurance Agreement, Professional Contract, TechNet Subscription, MSDN Subscription and Microsoft Partner Program (MSPP) licensing arrangement can also call (866) 234-6020 or (800) 892-5234 (TTY/TDD help requests with cost involves) from 5am to 9pm Pacific Time on weekdays and 6am to 3pm Pacific Time on weekends to get free unlimited support requests.

Microsoft said support will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and the user will always be advised if costs are involved, and whether enterprise customers will also receive support without cost will depend on their agreement.

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