May 3, 2008
SY Tan

How to Get A Free WinRAR 3.62

The latest PC World Magazine in Germany (called PC Welt) is currently running a promotion in its newest issue by giving away a free WinRAR to readers. This free shareware file archiver and data compression utility to be given away by PC Welt is unfortunately not the latest version (WinRAR 3.71). Nevertheless PC Welt provides readers with a free license key to WinRAR 3.62 which will cost around $29 if purchased. The license key works well for both German and English editions of WinRAR.

Users can download WinRAR 3.62 via the link here. To get a copy of the free license, users need to go to WinRAR-promotion-for-PC Welt website via the link here. Users need to fill out a form and the license key will be sent out to you via your email. The form is in German. If you don’t understand German, here is the translation for you:

The file “Land” means country. Choose “Anderes Land” from the pull-down menu in the event you are not staying in any of the countries in the lists. Click on the word “Abschicken” (send) once you have completed the form. You will soon receive an email from PC Welt. There are a few links which will appear in the email. The first link appears to be something like this:[email protected]

Ignore the first link and click on the Second Link:[email protected]

The second link will lead you to the download page. Click on the words “Download des Lizenzschlüssels” to get a “rarkey.rar” file. Save the file in your WinRAR folder. Run the “rarkey.rar” file to get a “rarreg.key”. The rarreg.key will be automatically recognized by Winrar and you will have a licensed version.

If you encountering error saying offer is not available in your country, use the trick to download license key file for WinRAR 3.62.

Update: Free WinRAR 3.80

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