Jul 9, 2008
SY Tan

How to Enable Bluetooth in Windows Server 2008 64bit Standard Edition

Users who are using Windows Server 2008 64bit Standard Edition generally face a common problem on its Bluetooth part. All applications seem to work well except for the Bluetooth drivers. Users can search and add Bluetooth devices to their computer but these devices appear as unknown in the system. If users try to browse for the drivers, the system will indicate the drivers are not found. Even though Windows Server 2008 has built in Bluetooth service, but due to some reasons, Microsoft seems to have imposed some limitations to it and it can’t work properly without some additional settings.

To enable Bluetooth to work and install the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack on Windows Server 2008, Gil Kirkpatrick has come out with a solution to modify the INF files in the default Windows Server 2008 and subsequently install the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack in the OS. The process is detailed but tedious. Robert McLaws has simplified these detailed processes and they work more easily for non tech-savvy users:
a. Download a customized zip files
b. Unzip the file to C:\Bluetooth
c. Open up the Device Manager
d. right click any items that still say “Unknown Device” and select “Update Drivers”
e. Select the bottom menu option and browse to the C:\BT folder
f. “Lather, rinse, repeat” for any other Unknown Devices

With these steps, your Bluetooth devices will work fine with Windows Server 2008.

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