May 2, 2008
Tip and Trick Editorial

How to Direct Download from Fs2You via HTTP Without Installing RaySource

Fs2You is an increasingly popular free file hosting site that offers unlimited storage space and no upload file size limit. With the popularity, occasionally there may be files hosted and shared on that need to be downloaded. However, when click on the download link, alas, Fs2You requires downloader to install or upgrade RaySource first.

Fs2You RaySource

RaySource is a P2P client application developed by Ray Team that supports files sharing and uploading, media streaming or video on demand streaming. User who does not want to install RaySource thus unable and cannot download the requested file, as no download link is provided.

It’s still possible to directly download the shared file hosted on Fs2You without installing or using RaySource with a few tricks or workarounds. For those who willing to try, when on the Fs2You file download page, copy and paste the following line of code to address bar and hit Enter:


The “Please download or update RaySource first” text in the “Download Link” will instantly turn into actual Download link. Click on the Download link to download directly with HTTP protocol.

Another alternative is to use Firefox. RaySource is not supported in Firefox. So instead of asking user to please install or upgrade RaySource first, Firefox user will see a message that says, in broken English, “This file has a terrible leech problem. If you have trouble to download this file, please open this page with IE, and you will find a RaySource way to download, which is much reliable,” with direct download link readily appear.

However, even if you have the direct download link, the download may not starts. When click on Download link of Fs2You hosted file, it may prompt error message “Too many downloads, please come back later. You may try the download software (Raysource) to download it with IE.” instead. Of course, no file been downloaded. In such cases, the other than waiting for download slot, the only other choice is to use Thunderbolt from (only if you know Chinese language), that able to search other users’ hard disk for the intended downloads, and download the file from Xunlei users instead of Fs2You.

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