May 18, 2008
Tip and Trick Editorial

How to Change the Microsoft Office Excel Protect Sheet Password

Microsoft Office Excel (or simply Microsoft Excel) allows user to protect specific worksheet and the contents of locked cells with a password so that the data is not deliberately edit, or accidentally change, move and delete. Without a password, user unable to modify or make any changes to the protected elements in the worksheets.

Note that this protect worksheet password is not the same with workbook-level password security, which prevent the workbook from opening without a valid password authentication.

Microsoft doesn’t provide a way to directly change the password for worksheet protection. So in order to change the Protect Sheet password, a workaround trick has to be done.

In order to change the Protect Sheet password, if you know the existing password, just unprotect the sheet using the password. Then, protect the worksheet again with a new password. And, the worksheet is not protected with new password.

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