Mar 31, 2008
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How to Change Icon of Shortcut in Windows Vista

Similar to Windows XP, each shortcut in Windows Vista has its own individual icon that represent the shortcut, and can be changed by users according to their preference. The shortcut icon personalization is easily accomplished and can be done by everyone. The more difficult task is to get a graphic or image that truly visually outstanding and be loved, but Windows Vista does come with several default icons can be used freely.

How to Change Shortcut Icon in Windows Vista

  1. Locate the shortcut which you want to change its icon image, and right click on the shortcut.
  2. Click on Properties on the right click contextual menu.

  3. In the shortcut’s Properties window, click on Shortcut tab if you’re not already on the tab.
  4. Click Change Icon button.

  5. If your program doesn’t contains any icons, a warning will be prompted. Click OK to continue. After clicking OK, the default Windows built-in icons from SHELL32.dll will be listed.

  6. In the pop up “Change Icon” dialog, select a new icon to represent the shortcut from list of icons available. If you feel that the selection of icons attached to the shortcut (i.e. program file) available in the list is not enough or not attractive, or you have your own creative icon, or have downloaded an icon file, you can select the icons from other application program or use your own icon. To do so, click Browse button, and select other icons file or program or libraries with icons.

  7. Click OK twice to exit when done.

The new icon will be applied immediately to the shortcut once OK is pressed. If you haven’t see any change, press F5 function key to refresh the screen.

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