Apr 17, 2008
Nic Cho

Hop-on Announces $20 Disposable Cellphone

The US-based company best known for developing the world’s first disposable cell phone, Hop-on has announced the launch of its $20 low end GSM cellphone with no LCD screen, using a Texas Instruments chip set and operates on the 900/1800 MHz frequency.

“During our meetings with distributors in Vegas, the response to our simple, inexpensive, $20 phone was phenomenal. The initial test purchase order with multiple purchase orders behind it is a big step in introducing Hop-on to Europe,” said Peter Michaels, President of Hop-on.

“This is our biggest opportunity to actually have Hop-on become a household name in the US and throughout Europe. No one sells a new $20 GSM cell phone. The initial purchase order of 10,000 phones is just the beginning and will begin shipping out within 60 days,” added by Michaels. “When these phones hit the market there, I am confident that purchase orders will begin pouring in. This particular order uses the Texas Instruments technology chip set. Texas Instruments has sold millions of them. It is a proven stable technology. The low cost 900/1800 MHz phone will utilize both Texas Instruments chip sets and Infineon chip sets.”

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