May 13, 2008
SY Tan

Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 To Realize DJ Dream

Are you a DJ wannabe? Do you have great talent in mixing music or pumping out great sounds? But using the PC may not be the best choice, so Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 is the answer to your dilemma. Although it is not a professional DJ solution, the Mobile DJ gives you a taste of being a DJ. This budget, well-conceived, and wireless digital DJ package allows the amateur DJ to concoct up some fun in the house or at a party.

The tiny gizmo consists of three main parts. The main component is the Mobile DJ Controller. It is an iPod powered by two C-cell batteries and measures 6x7x1.5-inches. The other standard controls are the crossfader, volume sliders, play/pause, and cue buttons. Remember the finalist of American Idol 2007? If you have a talent for scratching and skipping through your music to make it really original, there are two textured plastic jog wheels for you to have some fun. And if you want to leave it to the machine to churn out its best, go Automix. The most impressive feature of the controller is the backlit monochrome LCD that displays the tracks currently playing on your computer. This feature allows you to browse your computer’s database to select the music you desire and cue the next song via a wireless connection.

The big, dumb plastic USB dongle makes up the second part of the Hercules Mobile DJ MP3. It is necessary to authenticate the software license and wirelessly link your computer to the controller. A USB extension cable is included for the bulky dongle may be too big to fit your computer’s USB port.

The final part of the Mobile DJ is the easy-to-install, Windows only software. You will be prompted if you’d like to import your iTunes library or add music manually. The software is a near-identical graphic representation of the hardware controller. You can also use the software to record your DJ mix in real time to an uncompressed stereo WAV file. Priced at only $119.99, it is quite a bargain and makes an ideal gift for the budding musician.

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