May 31, 2018
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Google Chrome 67 Available – New, Changes, and Improvement Full Changelog [Offline Installer]

One of the most popular web browser – Google Chrome is rolling out the latest version to supports all modern web. This time, Google bring Chrome to version 67 – full browser version is Chrome 67.0.3396.62.

The latest Google Chrome 67 web browser is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. The highlight update – WebXR Device API. With WebXR, users able to experience better AR and VR for mobile devices and computers with various devices such as Daydream headsets, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.

The update is now available through Chrome Update. Here’s the change log

Here the details of what’s news, changes, enhance for Google Chrome 67

Faster extension access

To save your time and allow accessing your installed extensions, a link to your extensions has been added to the navigation menu in Chrome Settings pages.

A refined look of the window frame

A new option in chrome://flags allows enabling a new look of the top part of its window frame. Set the flag chrome://flags#top-chrome-md to Refresh to get the following change:

It is designed especially for devices with touch screens.

Site Isolation Trial

The team behind the browser is continuing to roll out Site Isolation to a larger percentage of the users in Chrome 67. Site Isolation improves Chrome’s security and helps mitigate the risks posed by Spectre.

To diagnose whether an issue is caused by Site Isolation, open the following page in a new tab: chrome://flags#site-isolation-trial-opt-out.

Generic Sensor API

The new Generic Sensor API will allow websites to access various sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, orientation sensor, and motion sensor where available.

Credential Management API

The Credential Management API has been supported since Chrome 51, and provides a framework for creating, retrieving and storing credentials. It did this through two credential types: PasswordCredential and FederatedCredential. The Web Authentication API adds a third credential type, PublicKeyCredential, which allows browsers to authenticate a user with a private/public key pair generated by an authenticator such as a security key, fingerprint reader, or any other device that can authenticate a user. Chrome 67 enables the API using U2F/CTAP 1 authenticators over USB transport on desktop.

WebXR Device API

Chrome 67 is now able to provide a better AR and VR experience for mobile devices and desktop computers. WebXR replaces WebVR, giving developers the ability to support different devices like Daydream headsets, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality with the unified user experience

Chrome for Android

Chrome for Android will now automatically hide common URL prefixes such as https, http, and www. Non-common prefixes, such as ftp or data will not be hidden automatically.

Other changes

  • 34 security fixes
  • Tons of JavaScript and CSS support improvements.

For users who wish to update browser manually, can download the offline installer below:

Web installer: Google Chrome Web 32-bit | Google Chrome 64-bit
MSI/Enterprise installer: Google Chrome MSI Installers for Windows

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