Oct 13, 2014
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How To Fully Charge iPhone and Smartphone in just 5 minutes – The Pronto

Nowadays, many companies offer portable battery pack for smartphone and tablet mobile devices with most tech addicts need an extra power for their smartphone while on-the-go. Power Pratical has already smashed through its initial $50,000 funding goal on Kickstarter and offer its new enhanced rechargeable portable battery – Pronto. Pronto is the fastest charging portable battery pack that designed to recharge battery fast which takes only 5 minutes to fully charge an iPhone 1,440mAh battery on-the-go.

How To Fully Charge iPhone and Smartphone in just 5 minutes

Speed is the selling point of the Pronto. Pronto has been designed to charge 12x times faster than the other portable battery packs at market. It able to fully charge single smartphone in just five minutes and can fully charge up to 9 devices within an hour.

How To Fully Charge iPhone and Smartphone in just 5 minutes -Pronto

How does the Pronto manage to store so much power quickly?

It uses lithium polymer battery cells, and a custom designed circuit board which lets the dedicated wall charger operate at maximum capacity and offers more than double battery lifetime. Besides, the design also makes sure the USB connection delivers the maximum amount of power to smartphone while it’s plugged in.

Features of Pronto

Pronto comes with two models – Pronto 5 (4500mAh) and Pronto 12 (13500mAh), where both models need recharge in an hour and equipped with a rugged hard-anodized aluminium enclosure. Pronto 5 combined with a single USB port allow users to charge one device at a time. On the other hand, Pronto 12 has dual high-power 2.4 A USB ports and includes 12V adapter that can charge larger devices such as laptops, DSLR cameras, and drone batteries.

Pronto 5 plan retail price for $99 and Pronto 12 will be priced at $149. The portable battery packs is expect to be available in June 2015.

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