Apr 19, 2008
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Free Picasa Flash and HTML Templates for Photo Gallery and Slide Show Album

Picasa is a photo management software for organizing and editing digital photos, originally created by Idealab and now owned by Google. Picase allows users to publish create photo gallery, photo album and slideshow to publish on the web by using personalized custom templates. Using template allows users to create attractive and beautiful photo galleries and slide shows without any knowledge of Flash, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Paul van Roekel publishes more than 18 Picasa customized web templates which can be used to create web Flash and HTML photo galleries and slideshows using Google’s Picasa so that users can easily showcase photos and images on the web. The photo galleries and slideshows can be created from the templates by just a few clicks in Picasa.

Free Picasa Flash and HTML Templates

Visit http://www.paulvanroekel.nl/picasa/index.asp to view the demo and download the free Picasa templates.

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