May 9, 2008
SY Wong

Free Online Phonemyphone Service Helps Locating Misplaced Mobile Phone

Getting tired of searching for your misplaced mobile phone at home? You may want to try this online service. Named as PhonemyPhone, it is a free online web service that can help you to locate you mobile phone in few simple steps. Not involving any special or sophisticated technology, it simply makes a free voice call to your mobile phone through internet service without incurring any additional cost on your desk phone.

It only involves three simple steps to achieve this once you are at phonemyphone website. First, just enter your mobile phone number that you intend to call. If you are doubt about the privacy or potential misuse of your personal information (in this case only your mobile number), just read the privacy policy in the link to ensure you fully understand before trying the service. Next, just key in the number of times you need the online service to call to your mobile phone automatically. Maximum number is ten times which is far more than sufficient to locate your missing phone. Last but not least, there is an option that you can schedule any specific time on when you want to dial to the mobile number. This is quite useful especially when you can purposely schedule an interrupt call during any conference time, in order to get you out from the long boring meeting room.

It is too bad that the usage is only limited to United States only for now. For other countries, the dialing number that you key in will not be recognized correctly. Also, the scheduled calls will be very much depends on the broadband service stability. Anyway, it is a free service and no harm to try out now.

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