May 16, 2008
Tip and Trick Editorial

Free MP3 Downloads from Columbia University Music Lab

Scientists from Columbia University is conducting a research project learn about how people form opinions about music. The research, called Music Lab, will require participants to listen to selected songs, and then answer questions related to the song. As a token of appreciation, participants can then download the full complete DRM-free MP3 of the song.

To participate, just go to Confirm that you’re above 18 years of age, and after answering a few questions about yourself, a menu of 48 songs by cool new artists, singers or bands will be presented. Click on any of the song to listen to streaming music online. Then, rate the song or answer any question show, and you’re will be given an option whether or not to download the song in MP3 format which can be kept forever for free. For those who can’t wait or don’t have patient to wait, you need not listen the song till the end to rate it.

Songs that are available including:

parker theory – she said
star climber – tell me
stranger – one drop
silent film – all i have to say
forthfading – fear
selsius – stars of the city
undo – while the world passes
shipwreck union – out of the woods
by november – if i could take you
not for scholars – as seasons change
dante – lifes mystery
ember sky – this upcoming winter
go moredcai – it does what its told
beerbong – father to son
sum rana – the bolshevik boogie
simply waiting – went with the count
miss october – pink agression
up for nothing – in sight of
stunt monkey – inside out
benefit of a doubt – run away
salute the dawn – i am error
silverfox – gnaw
far from known – route 9
hydraulic sandwich – separation anxiety
52metro – lockdown
summerswasted – a plan behind destruction
ryan essmaker – detour_(be still)
nooner at nine – walk away
sibrian – eye patch
the broken promise – the end in friend
up falls down – a brighter burning star
post break tragedy – florence
moral hazard – waste of my life
cape renewal – baseball warlock v1
drawn in the sky – tap the ride
this new dawn – the belief above the answer
unknown citizens – falling over
a blinding silence – miseries and miracles
the fastlane – til death do us part (i dont)
hall of fame – best mistakes
fading through – wish me luck
art of kanly – seductive intro, melodic breakdown
deep enough to die – for the sky
evan gold – robert downey jr
the calefaction – trapped in an orange peel
secretary – keep your eyes on the ballistics
hartsfield – enough is enough
the thrift syndicate – 2003 a tragedy

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