May 6, 2008
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Free Legit WinRAR 3.62 License Key RARKey.rar File Download (Workaround for Offer Not Available in Your Country)

PC World Magazine in Germany (PC Welt) is having a promotion campaign to give away a free, legal and full version license to WinRAR 3.62. Although not the latest WinRAR version 3.71, WinRAR 3.62 does support Windows Vista and multi-core CPUs too. User can register to download the license key file (RARKey.rar) on website (, however, the page has been configured to geo-target and limit the registration to probably German readers only. Traffic from non-allowed countries, such as United States, will receive an error message instead of registration form.

Please note: This offer is not available in your country!

While interested users can use a German-based proxy such as to access the registration page to request for license key file, but as all license key requested and sent is of the same key, it’s not necessary to go through the registration process, avoiding any risk of getting spam and solve or fix the issue that you’re denied to the page as the offer is not available in your country problem. The license key, although requested from RAR labs in Germany, can be used for all language versions, including English.

Download the free full version license key file rarkey.rar for WinRAR 3.62.

Download and install WinRAR 3.62 using setup install wrar362.exe. Then simply double click to open rarkey.rar, and WinRAR will automatically install the license key. After successful installation of the full version license key, WinRAR will open a window with the message:

Correct registration. Thank you for your support!

Alternatively, decompress the archive rarkey.rar to extract the license key file named rarreg.key, and then drag and drop rarreg.key into the WinRAR window or copy rarreg.key directly into your WinRAR program folder which by default is located in C:\Program Files\WinRAR directory.

The license key of WinRAR is in text format, so if you can download the license file from download link above, copy and paste the following license key text to a text editor, and then save the file as rarreg.key, and then install the license to make WinRAR converts from trial to full license product.

RAR registration data
PC Welt Covermount 05/08
Version: 3.62

Update: Free WinRAR 3.80

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