Apr 18, 2008
Tip and Trick Editorial

Free Demonoid Invitation Code (for New Account) Giveaway

Demonoid Closed RegistrationDemonoid is now back alive and online. The popular semi-private BitTorrent tracket features a publicly accessible search tool, but requires an member account to post comments, discuss in forums or upload torrents. Free user registration of Demonoid only opens periodically for just a few days a month. Most of the time registration is closed, and only users with invitation code can sign up during closed registration period.

Tip and Trick will giveaway one (1) Demonoid invite for free that can be used to register for a new account on Demonoid.com. There will be probably many who wants the invite to Demonoid. As such, the Demonoid invitation code will be given to the lucky one who wins the “Who posts last win” contest.

Important: Tip and Trick does not condone nor promote piracy, and we does not responsible for the usage of invite or any other actions or consequences that follow with the invite after it’s been giving out.

Rules and Conditions of “Who Posts Last Win” Demonoid Invite

The giveaway is not a lucky draw, and no purchase necessary. To get the invite, simply post a comment on this post, or pingback from your blog, and the Demonoid invite winner will go to the commenter who is the last one to post comment on this post before midnight between Monday, April 21, 2008 and Tuesday, April 22, 2008 US Pacific Time (PDT: GMT-7), which is equivalent to server time 3pm of Tuesday April 22nd, 2008 (GMT+8). Which means that if you manage to post a last comment which appear as April 22, 2008 14:59 on the blog, the Demonoid invitation code is yours.

If your comment lasts for 12 hours without any new comment been made, you win the Demonoid invite too, and the contest will end immediately.

A valid email address must be entered in the “Mail” field, else you will be disqualified even if you’re last poster. It’s not necessary to put your email address in the comment. In the case of blog pingback, we’ll contact the winner by using Whois information or contact form on the blog. You’re welcome to post as many comments or pingbacks as you want, but spam will be disqualified.

If anytime during the contest period (from now till midnight ending April 21, 2008), the registration of Demonoid is opened to public without the need of invitation, this giveaway will be postponed.

Tip and Trick reserves the final rights and says on everything regarding the giveaway. Your privacy will be respected. The email entered will be only used for the purpose for the giveaway only, and will not be sold or shared, but it will be retained by cookie to simply the auto complete the comment form on this blog.

Start commenting and happy winning. Invitation is not for sale.

Status: Giveaway closed. Winner is Quang.

Update on Demonoid Open Registration Date:

April 27, 2008

Update: New Demonoid invitation code giveaway

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