Oct 28, 2015
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Free 12 Premium Paid iOS Apps and Games – Angry Birds Seasons HD, Scanner App, ArkMC Pro, Week Calendar, Business Plan for Entrepreneurs’ Startups & More

The iTunes App Store is extremely large and there are apps for nearly everything that you can think of. Most of the iOS apps are available for free download, while a few other still need purchases as usual paid iOS apps. Free iOS apps can help smartphone users to add additional features on iOS phone, however certain features are only available via paid apps.

Free 12 Premium Paid iOS Apps and Games - Angry Birds Seasons HD, Scanner App, ArkMC Pro, Week Calendar, Business Plan for Entrepreneurs’ Startups & More

So unless you willing to purchase these paid iOS apps to enjoy full features. Fortunately, there are 12 premium paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time. There is no word how long it will be free, so hurry up.

Here the list of free 12 paid iOS apps

  1. System Monitor

The unique Dashboard view for iOS devices that provides deep monitors on MEMORY USAGE, BATTERY LIFE, Used Space, Running processes and device information. The app comes with LED indicator, 3D BAR charts, battery charging animation, LED flashing charger, battery health check, and more to provides user a rich visual views of iOS device internals. System Monitor app normally cost $0.99

System Monitor

Download System Monitor

  1. Angry Birds Seasons HD

Normally cost $2.99. With celebrate Angry Birds Seasons 5 years old, the company released new episode, and a huge new update that makes Seasons totally free to download. It comes with 23 themed episodes, 700+ levels of pig-popping action, unique power-ups that give you the edge in tricky levels, and PIG DAYS that offer super special one-off levels that pay tribute to global events and holidays.

Angry Birds Seasons HD

Download Angry Birds Seasons HD

  1. Orderly

Orderly is a nice and incredibly easy to use to do list app designed exclusively for iOS, which normally cost $0.99 for purchase.


Download Orderly

  1. Dipster

Cost $1.99 for purchase. Dipster is a client for disposable email with intuitive and friendly user interface. Advantages of Dipster:

– unlimited number of email accounts which you can use at the same time;

– no passwords and no profile information required;

– all emails are stored in the app forever until you decide to remove them.

With Dipster you can register on websites, activate accounts and simply receive emails without disclosure of your primary email address.


Download Dipster

  1. ArkMC Pro

The only DLNA/UPnP application to stream all your media from iPhone/iPad to HD TV, MAC, PC, AllShare TV, Xbox360, PS3 or any other screen. ArkMC Pro normally cost $4.99.

ArkMC Pro

Download ArkMC Pro

  1. Business Plan for Entrepreneurs’ Startups

Normally $4.99

This app guides you to make a professional business plan. You get the 9 Steps to Startup Guide and access to templates, business plan examples and inspiration to start from home or in a business accelerator.

Business Plan app comes with 100 best business plan articles, 3 business plan examples, 3 budget templates, and 1 business plan template.

Business Plan for Entrepreneurs’ Startups

Download Business Plan for Entrepreneurs’ Startups

  1. Infinity Maze

Infinity Maze is an unpredictable game, with hours of fun. Cost $0.99 for purchase.

Infinity Maze

Download Infinity Maze

  1. Scanner App

Scanner App is transforming iPhone into portable scanner for your pocket. It helps you to easily scan to PDF or even convert to text (with OCR text recognition) any document, receipt, invoice or some paper note.

Download Scanner App OCR and you will no longer need to buy expensive scanners for your office or home. Price $3.99

Scanner App

Download Scanner App

  1. Rearrange

Rearrange was designed to be your go-to collage app. Cost $1.99 for purchase.


Download Rearrange

  1. Week Calendar for iPad

Whether you use iCloud, Exchange or Google calendar, Week Calendar is the most user friendly and the all-round calendar app worldwide for everyone that needs to get the most out of their calendar app. Price $3.99

Week Calendar for iPad

Download Week Calendar for iPad

  1. Beautiful HD Photography Backgrounds

Available more than 100 new wallpapers added every day.  Cost $0.99

Beautiful HD Photography Backgrounds

Download Beautiful HD Photography Backgrounds

  1. Appometer

Help user track their time in spend their favourite app. Normally cost $0.99


Download Appometer

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