Apr 13, 2008
Nic Cho

Ford Announces Blind Spot Mirror And Cross Traffic Alert With Blind Spot Monitoring System

In an effort to keep drivers safer, the well-known maker of cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles, Ford Motor Company has recently announced its two new features to aid drivers’ visibility including Blind Spot Mirror (replacing traditional side view mirrors) and Cross Traffic Alert with Blind Spot Monitoring System, arriving in early 2009, utilizing radar to alert of cross-path traffic while in reverse and, in forward gears, warn when a vehicle enters the blind spot, aiming to enhance and secure your driving experience.

According to the press release, “Cross Traffic Alert uses the radar when in reverse to pick up moving objects within a 65-foot range from either the left or right side of the vehicle. The radar also works when backing out of angled parking spaces because its view is wider than just strictly sensing traffic coming at a 90-degree angle. Conventional systems have limited sideways effectiveness. When cross traffic is approaching, two warnings are given: an indicator lights up in the corresponding outside mirror and an audible alert is sounded.”

“Ford is delivering innovative features aiding in a better drive experience for the customer,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford Group Vice President, Global Product Development. “The Blind Spot Mirror and Cross Traffic Alert with Blind Spot Monitoring System are enhancing the customer ownership experience and bringing more value to their purchase.”

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