May 23, 2008
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Flash Upgrade Eten Glofiish Windows Mobile Device ROM Firmware OS from SD Memory Card (Fix RAPIcopyfile or Update Error in Vista)

Windows Vista, Windows Mobile Device Center and WM based Pocket PC Phone are all products from or related to Microsoft, but unfortunately integration between them is not with ease and there are plenty of compatibility error between them. When user run the Eten Glofiish ROM image update software which contains the ROM Update Utility and ROM image to flash update the firmware OS software via Windows Mobile Devicve Center (WMDC) on USB connection in Windows Vista, the ROM upgrade flashing process fails and simply doesn’t work.

The ROM Update Utility cannot transfer the new version of ROM image update to the Windows Mobile device, while the device LCD screen display shows USB Downloader Ready and USB connected, and then waiting for download, but no download is ever receiving. It’s also possible that USB is not connected with USB Host is not connected yet error message. Then, the Eten Glofiish ROM OS updater will prompt various error message saying upgrading fails, USB not connected, unable to transfer the firmware OS image, RAPIcopyfile error and etc.

The error affects almost all models of Eten Glofiish Windows Mobile (Pocket PC Phone) devices, such as M500, M800, M810, X500, X510, X600, X800 and etc. The cannot or unable to flash upgrade the ROM firmware OS problem affects only Windows Vista operating system. As a workaround to fix and resolve the issue, and to successfully upgrade the Eten Glofiish WM phone to latest version of firmware, user can perform the flash upgrading of firmware OS software in the ROM by using a memory card (SD, MicroSD, MiniSD, SDMMC and etc) using procedure below. The trick also work for user who wants to update the Eten Glofiish device without using computer.

  1. Download the latest version of ROM image OS software update setup installer from Eten Support download page (Registration and login required).
  2. Prepare a memory card (of the type that fits into the Eten Glofiish mobile device), and has the size of between 512 KB and 1 MB. Format the memory card as FAT file system (FAT32 is not acceptable), and ensure that the Flash memory card is empty without any other file or folder.
  3. In the PC, run the installer (.exe) of the ROM image update without plugging in or connecting the Eten Glofiish mobile device to the computer through USB cable and Microsoft WMDC (ActiceSync).
  4. After the installation, on reaching the ROM image updater welcome greeting screen where End User Update (EUU) window title and Welcome to Device Software Update Utility is shown. Leave the window or dialog opens.
  5. Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to the following folder:

    C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Temp

    Note: It’s easier if you clear out and delete everything inside the Temp folder before running the Firmware Updater setup program.

  6. Search and locate the following 2 files inside the Temp folder:

    temp.dat (about 60 MB)
    USBDLUpdate_Console.exe (about 4KB)

  7. Insert the memory card into a card reader linked to the computer.
  8. Copy the two files (temp.dat and USBDLUpdate_Console.exe) into the blank memory card in root directory.
  9. Rename the file extension for temp.dat to temp.bin (or any name ending in .bin extension).

    Note: You may need to uncheck “Hide extensions for known files types” option in the “Folder Options” under “Tools” menu to see the .dat extension in order to rename it.

  10. Connect the Eten device to AC power adapter for charging to ensure that power supply is consistent to safeguard against and avoid ROM firmware update failure due to insufficient battery power on the mobile device.
  11. Slot in the memory card into the Eten Glofiish mobile device.
  12. Ensure that the device is not connected to desktop or laptop computer via ActiceSync or Windows Mobile Device Center with USB cable.
  13. In the Eten Glofiish Windows Mobile device, run File Explorer.
  14. Navigate to the SD memory card folder, i.e. \SDMMC.
  15. Click on USBDLUpdate_Console.exe to start the soft boot loader to trigger Bootloader mode.
  16. The soft bootloader will load bootcode in RAM, jumps to the bootcode and then kills Windows Mobile operating system. Finally the LCD screen will reset and turn into the console mode.

    Alternative method: If soft bootloader method above doesn’t work, set the Eten Glofiish mobile device into Bootloader mode by pressing and holding Power and Voice Commander buttons simultaneously, and then press the Reset button. Remove the stylus but don’t release and continue to hold the Power and Voice Command buttons. The device should starts in Bootloader mode.

    Note: If “Find SDMMC Card” or “SDMMC Load Fail” error message is been shown on the device’s LCD, the SD memory card is probably not compatible with the Eten device. Try another SD card or try to reformat the SD card again with FAT filesystem and repeat the process.

  17. The ROM firmware OS software update should begin automatically and the device will be flashed with the ROM on the MicroSD-card. The screen will show some text as below:

    USB Downloader 0021
    Flash Capacity=256MB

    USB Downloader Ready.
    SD Card In
    Find SDMMC Card.
    File= temp BIN
    Program Image from SDMMC
    update usb downloader
    please waiting.

    The update will take a slightly longer time when comparing to the usual ROM update via ActiveSync or WMDC with USB cable connected between Eten device and desktop or notebook computer, due to the slower data loading transfer rate and speed from SD card to Eten device. The whole process may takes 20 to 30 minutes

  18. The update process complete when the message of USB host is not connected yet is shown on LCD screen. At this point, soft-reset the Windows Mobile device, and the new version of ROM OS software is successfully installed.

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