Mar 12, 2013
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Fix Web Host Manager (WHM) Keep Using cPanel-Legacy as Login Theme

cPanel WHM (Web Host Manager) provides several themes which are displayed when user wants to log into cPanel, WHM, and webmail. The default built-in login themes available are cpanel, cpanel-legacy and mobile.

cPanel Login Theme

The login theme can be changed easily in cPanel WHM. Or webmaster can also override the saved setting for a specific browser session by appending ?login_theme=theme-name to the end of HTTP Request-URI.

While the manual URL override always work to show the correct login theme on login page of cPanel, WHM and webmail, but the saved default login theme preference may not always correctly shown. For example, you may set the WHM to show cpanel theme on login page, but it always loads the cpanel-legacy theme.

The reason for this issue is that the cookie set in web browser to the login theme to be used takes precedence over the saved setting in cPanel. Under some circumstances, cPanel may set a cookie in web browser that specifies that theme to be used on the login page.

Thus, in order to resolve the issue so that the saved login theme preference in WHM could be correctly shown, just clear and delete the cookies of the browser, and you will notice that cPanel, WHM and webmail login page is displaying login page with chosen theme again.

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