Mar 26, 2008
Tip and Trick Editorial

Fix Blank CD or DVD Disc May Not Be Recognized When Inserted to CD Writer in Vista

When inserting a blank CD or DVD disc media into CD/DVD writer or burner in Windows Vista to burn an ISO or other disk image to disc, copy CD or DVD disc, or to create a photo slide show CD, audio CD, video DVD and etc, the CD or DVD writer or burner may not recognize the blank disc.

The undetectable or unrecognizable blank CD or DVD disc normally happens when users are using third-party programs such as Nero, Roxio, Alcohol 120% and etc to burn and write CD or DVD disc. If you’re confident that the blank disc inserted is in good condition and usable, then probably the error happens because of conflict between third party burning engine with Windows Vista built-in burning and writing function.

To solve the issue of blank CD or DVD disc not been recognized or detected after been inserted into optical drive tray, try to download the file, and run the DisableCDBurning.reg to disable the CD/DVD burning feature in Vista. The other file, EnableCDBurning.reg, does what its name say, to re-enable the feature if you need it again. There are description and more ways to disable and turn off Vista CD burning feature.

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