Jul 19, 2008
SY Tan

Fitness via Wii Fit

Who says playing video games will make you lethargic and obese? Nintendo’s wacky fitness peripheral called Wii Fit is designed to help you keep fit and healthy. It features a Wii balance board with four rubber feet to prevent slipping. It is highly sensitive and reacts to changes in weight distribution and pressure. Running on four AA batteries, it connects with the Wii console via Bluetooth. It is a user-friendly plug-in device whereby you only need to insert the batteries into the Wii balance board and start up the Wii Fit.

Wii Fit will start off by asking you to create a user profile which will track your progress and measure your BMI (Body Mass Index) There are four types of activities to choose from Wii Fit: yoga, aerobics, strength and balance games. For each type of activity, there are 12-15 routines to choose from. One will start with only five routines initially and the other routines will be available once a user has gained credits from the exercises done. The more exercises a user does, the more credits he will earn. A virtual trainer is available in the yoga and strength routines to guide users. You can really work up a sweat, stretch your body and challenge yourself physically with these exercises.

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