May 6, 2008
SY Tan

Fididel As An Alternative for eBay Critics/Detractors

Feeling fed up and frustrated with eBay? Having difficulties to log in to your personalized eBay page? Not feeling happy with eBay’s fees and charging policies? Having problems with the eBay system in getting your money back? Well, if you think your endurance has reached a limit and you want to put a stop to these problems, a new online auction site called Fididel which has just been launched might be your eBay alternative platform.

Fididel is another new trading site which offers buyers and sellers a platform to negotiate amongst themselves on pricing of their favorite products in real time. Fididel is the first online auction site which offers this unique Real Time Negotiation service. With the Real Time Negotiation service, it can reduce a lot of disputes amongst buyers and sellers in their transaction as well as save time.

There are 21 categories of product available in Fidedel: art, baby, books business & industrial, cameras & photo, car/auto parts & accessories, clothing shoes & access, collectibles, computers & networking, consumer electronics, DVDs and movies, games toys & hobbies, gifts & crafts, health & beauty, home & garden, jewelry & watches, music, outdoors camping & hiking, sporting goods, sport and Video Games. Buyers can choose their Fididel item from the relevant category. They can bargain to try to lower the offer price instantaneously, request for bulk purchase price, indicate their feelings while negotiating with sellers, send messages/feedback to sellers and so on. It’s pretty fun!

The selling method also works out slightly differently from eBay. In eBay, sellers need to set the minimum price upfront and allow potential buyers to fsight over it. But it works in a different way in Fididel. At Fididel, the lowest price is always a secret. Buyers can bid for a price which they are comfortable with and then buy the products while the sellers’ interest will be protected thoughout the process.

To start up the Fididel trading site, users can sign up for an account at Fididelfor free in this beta version. This site only accepts PayPal as a method of payment currently.

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