Jun 18, 2009
SY Tan

F-Secure Online Virus Scanner Supports Firefox Browser

In conjunction with the celebration of its 15th birthday, the famous Finland security expert, Secure Pls, has had a substantial facelift and makeover in its flagship F-secure website. F-Secure which was established 15 years ago was the world’s first computer security vendor website. The Online scanner available at F-Secure, for instance, has long been one of the popular features of F-Secure site and it has helped millions of users to do online scanning against viruses, malware, spyware, worms, etc.

New designs and improvements have since been added to the site. The latest F-Secure Online Virus Scanner supports the Firefox browser. F-Secure has updated its popular online scanner to a newer version. The F-Secure Online Virus Scanner (version 3.3) is a free online tool downloadable from F-Secure to scan and find out if the computer is infected by viruses. The scanner will automatically download the necessary components and virus definition databases as it is started. After scanning for viruses via the online scanner, users also can use the free F-Secure Health Check tool to find if there are any vulnerabilities on their PC.

By extending its service to support the Firefox Browser, F-Secure Online Virus Scanner is definitely a sharper and more exciting package for users.

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