May 15, 2008
SY Tan

Extend and Enrich the Windows Experience With MyColors

Getting bored or tired of looking at your Windows desktop interface? Probably you have changed your wallpaper periodically, added widgets, customized toolbars, etc to make your default Windows interface more stylish and appealing. Despite your hard work, perhaps you are still not satisfied with your masterpiece. If that is the case, perhaps Stardock’s MyColors can help you.

MyColors is a user friendly program which allows users to change the Windows’ conventional interface or the default look. Users can enrich their Windows experience by customizing the Windows interface and add more fun and functionality to their Windows Desktop. To try this application, firstly users need to download and install MyColors in their computer. Subsequently users can choose or select their preferred theme from the program and apply it into their computer. MyColors’s themes are basically a collection of specialized artwork that will customize a new look and feel for Windows desktop. Once you have selected and applied a specific theme, for instance, car, then the program will change the icons, wallpaper, Window’s borders, start button, start menu, etc toward the theme you have selected. Have a look at the screenshot below.

MyColors will not change your desktop interface permanently. Users can change or restore the default setting from the stylish look within seconds with a few clicks. Users can change the various themes as frequently as they want. They can download the themes available from Stardock. Stardock offers quite a number of themes to users. However, besides the “Diamond” and “Quest” themes which are free, other available themes are chargeable. The free themes Diamond and Quest support Windows XP and Vista (32-bit). Quest theme comes with a calendar and clock widget on the desktop. Other paid themes come with more gadgets and widgets shown on the screen such as media player, etc.

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