May 19, 2008
SY Tan

Enhance JPEG Photo Quality With JPEG Enhancer

JPG or JPEG is quite a commonly used photographic/digital image compression format. Users compress their digital images into JPEG format so that the images do not consume huge amounts of disk space and it is easier for users to send out via email. Many digital cameras and photographic image capturing devices like to store and transmit the photographic images in JPEG format. Undoubtedly compressing digital images into JPEG format has a lot of advantages in terms of storage space and transfer speed. However by compressing the digital photos, it will also indirectly affect or reduce the photo quality if the compression method is not correct. How to fix or enhance the photo quality in JPEG format from a modified or low quality JPEG image? If you need to fix your JPEG/JPG images which suffer from low-quality compression, probably you can try this free application, JPEG Enhancer, produced by VicMan.

JPEG Enhancer was designed to help both professionals and amateurs who work with JPEG images to restore their digital images damaged by low-quality JPEG compression. This simple but powerful application uses a unique editing technique to remove the so-called “JPEG artifacts” and the “blotchy look” from their images easily, quickly and effectively. It performs median noise reduction to tidy up the images and it also can resize images smoothly. To use this application, users just need to download it via the link here and install it. The images fixing/repairing process is pretty simple and fast. The tool is well designed with an intuitive interface and all useful buttons are properly in place. Users can run it without much difficulty. Once the fixing/restoration task is completed, users can save their files in JPEG, PNG or even BMP format. In the event users need more assistance, Jpeg Enhancer also provides a short demo video and some text files to help users.

We would not say JPEG Enhancer is the best JPEG quality fixing tool. However, for a free application, JPEG Enhancer features all the necessary tools to perform a very good job fixing and enhancing JPEG images. Users can give it a try if they have images that need to be restored.

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