Apr 11, 2008
SY Tan

Enhance Browsing Experience with Polstergeist Browser 6.5

Extracting information required from the net can be a tedious and time consuming task. You need to do searches on the information required and access the sites one by one to extract the information required. To enhance and streamline your browsing process, probably you should try out the free application, Polstergeist Browser.

Polstergeist Browser is a useful browser which allows users to extract information from multiple websites simultaneously and read the consolidated content within a single interactive report. For instance, you are planning for a trip to New York and you want to check for the lowest fare price. Instead of using search engine to search the airline details, you can actually use Polstergeist Browser to help you. You can input your flight schedule on a form prompted from this browser and the browser will do the rest for you. The end result will present you with a list of air fare which is summarized from multiple websites. View the screenshot on how this browser works.

Polstergeist Browser has released its latest version, Version 6.5. It is available free for downloading. The following is a summary of the features:

• Produce daily briefing reports containing content from all your favorite websites with the click of a single button
• Consolidate price targets, ratings, opinions, quotes and news stories from multiple sources for a particular stock
• Gather news headlines from around the world into a single report that can be filtered on key words
• Collect your own RSS feeds and integrate them into your reports
• Watch in amazement as the extraction engine navigates through a dozen or more airline sites finding the lowest fares
• Create a sidebar of Quick Links to experience the benefits of tabbed browsing without the tabs!

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