Jul 6, 2014
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How To Enable Windows 8 / 8.1 Hibernate Mode Option

Windows 8.1 comes with three pre-set built-in default power options (known as power button). These 3 default power options are Sleep, Shutdown, and Restart. There are three ways to shut down your PC – turn off the PC completely with shut down, turn it to sleep mode, or hibernate the PC.

How To Enable Windows 8  8.1 Hibernate Mode Option

Hibernates option is always preferred when want quickly start up. This option was designed for laptops and all PCs.Here how to enable Hibernation on Windows 8.1:

  1. Open power options by swipe from the right edge of the screen, click Search and type Power options in the search box. Then under the results, click Change What the Power Buttons Do. (Hit the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + W to open the Search Settings and type power options)
    Enable Windows 8  8.1 Hibernate Mode Option
  2. Under the System Settings window, click the blue text “Change settings that are currently unavailable” at the top window.
    Change settings that are currently unavailable
  3. Then scroll down and a new set of options will become available. Check the box next to Hibernate and click Save changes.
    Hibernate mode
  4. Hibernate will now show up in power button allowing to save system state at any time and resume where left off.
    How To Enable Windows 8  Hibernate Mode Option

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