May 31, 2008
SY Wong

Download WeFi Beta 1.33 Version for Windows Mobile Device to Find Hot Spots and Connected Anywhere

If you are looking for a simple GUI (Graphics User Interface) application software for your Windows Mobile device to track surrounding Wi-Fi access point to gain free access to the broadband internet browsing, this could be the good software utility that can help you. Named as WeFi, it is claimed to be one of the best software that simplifies the Wi-Fi detection process and let users do web browsing without hassle as long as there is free hot spots available.

The software utility is slightly huge in size (especially for mobile device), around 2.8MB and it is recommended to install it into external memory card. You can download the .msi file from and store it in your PC. With your mobile device connected to your PC, follow the steps to install the application directly on your mobile devices. Once successfully installed, just launch it and you are ready to go. It will search for the best Wi-Fi spots surrounding you, either by sorting through the signal strength, or showing only free spots for you to gain access without the need of decryption password. Besides, there is a power saving mode that you can toggle in order to get the optimized performance by prolonging the battery life depending on the situation and needs.

WeFi is not only available for Windows mobile version such as WM5 and WM6, but it is also available for PC version for Windows as well as MAC OS. For PC version, there is some additional features such as putting up Wi-Fi spots or looking for friends in the map. It is currently available in beta version for free download at WeFi.

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