May 7, 2008
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Download Updated Help Files for Windows Vista SP1 (KB937286)

Windows Vista standalone update packages which upgrade a Windows Vista RTM version (6.0.6000.16386) to SP1 release (6.1.6001.18000) do not contain the updated Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Help files. The update Help files which can be installed locally are purposely left out and excluded from the final Windows Vista SP1 standalone installer in order to reduce the size of the files that users have to download.

Actually, the updated version of “Help and Support” component for Windows Vista SP1 need not to be installed manually if users enable the “Online Help” feature of Windows Vista help system, and have persistent always-on Internet connection that allows Windows Vista to retrieve latest help contents. However, for offline computer or system which frequently disconnected, it’s recommended to update the Help system in Windows Vista to on-par with SP1 release too.

Note that if you clean or fresh install Windows Vista system with a retail or OEM versions of Windows Vista with SP1 integrated DVD, the updated Windows Vista Help files are already included, except in the following scenarios:

  • You install Windows Vista SP1 on a computer that is running the release version of Windows Vista by using Windows Update or by using a Microsoft Update Standalone (MSU) package for Windows Vista.
  • You have a Windows Vista Enterprise SKU installed or a Windows Vista Ultimate SKU installed, and then you install a new language by using the language packages.

    In this scenario, you must manually install the updated Help file because the “Update for Help Files” package uses the language that corresponds to the content language. Packages of “Update for Help Files” are language specific. For example, you cannot install the German version of the “Update for Help Files” package on a Windows Vista-based computer unless that computer already has the German language installed.

  • You remove a language package from a Windows Vista-based computer after you install the “Update for Help Files” package for that language pack that you removed.

The updated local version of key help topics available in the “Online Help” feature of Windows Vista is language-specific, and will be released through Windows Update for all languages. If you want to manually download and install the updated Help files for Windows Vista SP1, the .MSU update package can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center at KB937286 for 32-bit Windows Vista or KB937286 for x64 based Windows Vista.

For convenient, here’s the direct download link to English version of update package that install a copy of local version of key help topics available in the “Online Help” feature of Windows Vista.

x86 32-bit: windows6.0-kb937286-x86-en-us.msu
x64 64-bit: windows6.0-kb937286-x64-en-us.msu

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