May 27, 2008
SY Wong

Download Startup Manager 2.4.1 to Improve System Boot Up Time

Previously we talked about the Boot Timer that able to monitor how fast a system can boot up from BIOS to Windows. Of course the faster it will be better, but whenever it slows down one day, you may wonder what could have happened to your PC. One of the common issues could be the system is trying to load certain programs during the system start up, and eventually slows down the whole booting process. If you would like to figure out what programs are loading and are looking for simple way to terminate them during next reboot cycle, this tiny software utility may help you. Named as Startup Manager, it manages and monitors the whole loading programs so that you can optimize and speed up the system boot up for more effective daily tasks.

The software utility is able to display all the loading programs stored in specific locations such as registry, win.ini or startup folders. These programs will be called up one by one during a system reboot and it is good to know which one is not needed and can be eliminated. Besides, it will even list down all the details like the file path directories and etc. Whichever you think it is not needed, just untick the checkbox next to the respective programs and it will be removed completely. You can restore the program anytime or do it manually at a later stage whenever necessary.

The utility is free for download at Startup Manager. You can try checking out how much improvement can be made by monitoring the conditions before and after removing those unnecessary programs using Boot Timer.

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