Apr 7, 2008
SY Wong

Download MoblMsg v1.0 to Send SMS Text Messaging in Group for Windows Mobile Device

How many times do you need to send SMS Text Messaging to a huge list of similar people using your Windows Mobile Smartphone? Instead of keying in one by one, why not just group them up in order to simplify the whole process. If you are one of them, you may want to try this freeware utility for fast and efficient way of sending group SMS. Named as MoblMsg version 1.0, it simplifies the message sending process by grouping the recipients from mobile phone contact list so that it can be used for future message sending.

The software utility is designed for convenience use and so the interface is pretty simple and straight forward. Once installed the .cab file, the utility is ready to be used. User can just drag and drop any contacts from phonebook to the message recipients list and send the message one for all, eliminating the hassle of keying in contact one by one. Good thing is, user can save the group as special name for easy retrieval in the future.
However, there are some limitations that you need to bear with. The most obvious one would be you may notice some of the contacts were missing from the Add menu. The reason could be due to the number was not stored in the “Mobile” field in your contact list. Just add in the number in this field and everything should be ok. Hopefully all these could be resolved in next revision 2.0 that is planned to be released in summer this year. The program is free for download at MoblMsg v1.0

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