Apr 9, 2008
SY Wong

Download Microsoft Windows Live for Windows Mobile (G2) WM6 Device

If you own a Windows Mobile device and like to use it for web browsing, here is a good news for you! Microsoft has just released a new link to download Windows Live for your Windows Mobile 6 devices. By default, the useful applications don’t come preinstalled in most of the devices, and it is very much dependent on the manufacturer or mobile operator to put them in. So, now you can get it handy by downloading it free from the web.

The installation is quite straight forward, just go to browse http://wl.windowsmobile.com from you mobile device. Follow the download instruction and you are ready to go. Some of the functionality from the download pack includes Hotmail push access that enables hotmail being “pushed” to your device automatically whenever you have access to network. Besides, user can synchronize the contacts from Window live without the need to copy them manually. That is not all, user has the capability to upload photos to Windows Live Space that makes the devices more convenience for daily usage.

Now I have the Window Live Search and Google Search Bar displayed on my o2 Zinc home screen. Only one drawback, there is no Windows Live Messenger being included in the download package. Anyway, no harm to get them if these are what you need at this moment.

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