May 24, 2008
SY Wong

Download MediaInfo to Display Technical Details of Media Files Running on PC

PC systems have become the center of multimedia entertainment system whereby you can store, play and stream media contents freely in digital home. Sometimes you may wonder what kind of format of media files that are actually running on your PC. You may able to find out some high level information by looking into the file properties, but most of the time, it won’t contain very useful information such as what profile if the media files are encoded with. Now with Mediainfo, it lets you figuring out more technical details besides the basic format and codec type of the files you are playing.

The information is useful especially for those that would like to evaluate some new graphic driver decoding capability of a new platform on certain audio or video formats. For instance, it is good to understand if the HD (High Definition) video files are running in interlace or progressive mode, on what kind of frame rate or bit rate and etc. This will able to give you a good feel of how capable your platform is. The software utility supports quite a lot of standard CODEC such as H.264, DivX, AVC and etc. Similar to audio CODEC, it supports various common formats such as MP3, AC3, AAC and more that make it a very useful freeware for all. That is not all, there are many useful information that can be extracted from the media files and you may want to find out by yourself.

The step is pretty simple, just download the freeware at MediaInfo and it is ready to use. User will just need to browse and select the specific media file for the detailed information to be displayed on PC screen. Besides, user can customize the viewing format, either in HTML, text or tree view based on own preference. The freeware is compatible to Microsoft Windows OS ranging from Windows 95 to Windows XP. Although it doesn’t mention about Vista, but I did try out on Vista OS and it works great!

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