Apr 3, 2008
SY Wong

Download Google Search Box to Enable Fast Searching in Windows Mobile Device

If you are performing internet browsing frequently on your Windows Mobile device, you may have the same frustration. The mobile screen and keyboard space is just not big enough for fast typing. Unlike desktop version, there is no search engine even for fast keyword search. Good news now, Google has just released a new plug-in application that able to bring Google search engine box on your Windows Mobile’s home screen, making the web browsing a pleasant experience.

It is easy to get the plugin installed on your mobile. First, just enter the “mobile.google.com” in your Mobile device Internet explorer address box, then click enter and you will find the “Search (Google)”. Click on it and it will prompt you to download the GoogleSearch.CAB file which is merely 300 kB. Just follow the instruction on the screen and you are ready to go. The google search engine box will appear on your windows mobile desktop screen just like what you have in desktop PC screen. Instead of going through multiple steps just to access the google search engine on your mobile previously, now you can get the link faster than usual and more efficient in using mobile for web browsing.

Besides Google Gears and Google Maps, this is another useful plug-in feature that is released by Google. Inc for mobile market. We are looking forward to have more similar functions as MID (Mobile Internet Device) usage is becoming more and more popular now.

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