May 6, 2008
SY Tan

Download Free Xobni to Coordinate Email Conversations, Contacts and Attachments

Your Inbox might be flushed with thousands of email everyday. To search and find for some messages downloaded a couple of weeks or months ago surely is a tedious job and definitely consumes a lot of your time. If you are using the Microsoft Outlook email application that comes along in your Microsoft suite, you could try out Xobni, a useful plug-in to Microsoft Outlook to help you manage your Inbox more efficiently.

After seven months of invite only Beta, this Outlook application plug-in is now going on public version. Users who are interested to use this application to organize their outlook can download it for free! Xobni (the reverse way of spelling Inbox) is very helpful in managing your email and contacts. It saves you time to find your previous email conversations, contacts and attachments.

Personally I like the feature whereby when I click on a new email received, the full communication history between the sender and I will be displayed on the Xobni sidebar. The information appeared also includes the attachment and contact details. This particular feature has made the tracking job become much easier. For instance, when I want to trace back my communications with my solicitor on the changes made in a contract or agreement, the full communication history shown on the sidebar will speed up my tracking process.

Besides your past email record, Xobni also shows you other useful information that can substantially smoothen your job. Xobni will extract the contact numbers from the email and show them to you on the sidebar. This office assistant also will analyze and tell you how frequent you talk to the senders and what time of the day they normally go online and respond to your email. Other than that, there is also email statistics showing the people who may be related to that particular contact, conversation or e-mail you’ve exchanged with them, and attachments they’ve sent you.

Let’s have a tour of the free Xobni for Outlook

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