Apr 14, 2008
SY Tan

Download Free Text Editor Notepad 2.1.19

Users for Microsoft Windows will be quite familiar with the simple text editor, Notepad, which is included with all versions of Windows OS. Even though superseded by other word processor applications such as Microsoft Word, Notepad still has its popularity since it is easy to use and feature a simple interface for basic text operations. Similarly to Notepad, Notepad 2 is another small, fast and free text editor which is applicable for Windows only. However, unlike Notepad, Notepad2 provides the features which can expedite users’ text editing works. For instance, it performs code syntax highlighting for HTML and other languages, allows drag and drop text editing inside and outside Notepad 2, it can do basic regular expression search and replace, feature useful word, line and block editing shortcuts, etc.

The latest Notepad2 version 2.1.19 was released by Flo’s freeware lately. This latest Notepad2 has included a few enhancements and bug fixes. Users can download it for free via the link here.

Download Link
Download Notepad2 2.1.19 Binary Files [247 KB] • Download Notepad2 2.1.19 Source Code [170 KB]

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