Sep 23, 2009

Download Free MyPhoneExplorer v1.7.4 to Backup and Transfer SMS on SE Phone to PC

Mobile phones these days have plenty of useful features. Apart from using them to make and receive calls, perhaps the most utilized feature of all is sending and receiving SMS or text. Sometimes, for sentimental reasons or other, you might want to keep those SMS text for future reference. Well, here’s how you can transfer these text messages to PC by simply downloading this free software – MyPhoneExplorer v1.7.4.

My Phone Explorer

MyPhoneExplorer is a compact software by FJ Software Development which allows users to backup their sms from Sony Ericsson mobile phones to computer. Simply download and install into your PC and connect your SE phone via its USB cable, Bluetooth or infrared and you will be able to manage your phone’s data effortlessly. Apart from transferring SMS to PC for archiving, there are host of other useful features too. With MPE, you can even sync your address book directly to Outlook, Windows contacts, Thunderbird, Gmail, Lotus Notes and Tobit David.

MyPhoneExplorer Messages Archive

Users are also able to organizer their phone calendar and sync them into Outlook, Windows Calendar (Vista), Sunbird, Thunderbird, Rainlendar, Lotus Notes, Google, Tobit David and other net shared calendars.
Other features include, automatic photo sync, clock sync via Internet, edit phone profiles, display memory status and monitor your phone health.

MyPhoneExplorer Status Monitor

In the event you’re upgrading to a new phone and you need to transfer all existing data into the new phone, you can use the Create Backup features which will completely backups your phone’s database with a single click. Upon connecting the new phone, just select Restore Backup and there you have it! As simple as that.

MyPhoneExplorer is only compatible with phones from Sony Ericsson except XPERIA, P800i, P900i and P910i model. You can download the free software at MyPhoneExplorer.

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