Apr 14, 2008
SY Wong

Download FastStone Capture 6.0 for Efficient and Fast Screen Capture with Built-in Editing Feature

To better illustrate what is intended to be discussed over the phone or email with counterparts, it is always nice to print screen or capture certain portion of the contents. Before this, I always use print screen which only offers basic feature to capture certain important picture for explanation. But now, I just discovered that there is a better tool that is able to speed up the same process. Known as FastStone Capture, it is a tiny yet powerful screen capture tool that is suitable for daily use, replacing simple ‘Print Screen’ feature on your PC.

Fast Stone Capture is flexible enough that allows user to capture the whole screen, certain portion of windows, rectangular or free hand regions by simply select the appropriate function from the capture panel. User can drag anywhere to capture selectively and even send the captured image to email, clipboard for further processing. One of the powerful feature includes the long document capture. Ex: without scrolling up and down to capture the whole screen using ‘Print Screen’ feature, user can just click on the button on display panel to capture one for all. When printing the long document, user can separate it into multiple pages. Not to be forgotten, all the captured screens are editable either by resizing, applying watermarks and more. Good thing is, user can save it into famous picture formats such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF and etc.

The latest version 6 has enhanced certain features such as shadowed text for better visualization effect. No harm to get the freeware now at FastStone. User has option to download the portable zip files to be stored in thumb drive so that the application can be run from any PC without installation.

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